New Product Release: Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

- Mar 10, 2021-

New product release: Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

At present, our company has launched air-conditioning products dedicated to motorhome:

Rooftop RV Air Conditioner 

HD Photos of Super-quiet RTN Rooftop AC - 04.png
HD Photos of Super-quiet RTN Rooftop AC.png

The design and installation of this machine is suitable for RV to improve its internal temperature and provide a comfortable environment. It can cool the RV when it's hot and warm up the RV when it's cold. Its temperature can be adjusted in the two environments.

The performance of air conditioner is related to the heating condition of insulation box of RV itself. You can take some preventive measures to reduce heat entry, so as to improve the refrigeration performance of air conditioning equipment.

When outdoor temperature is high, the following methods can be adopted to reduce the heat entry of RV and improve work efficiency:

1.Park the RV in a cool place.

2.Strengthen thermal insulation of the compartment,remove or block the opening in the vehicle, and block the window with shade curtains (shutters or hanging curtains).

3.Close doors and windows or avoid frequent opening and closing of them.

4.Avoid using heating devices inside the vehicle