New Product Release: Overhead Air Conditioner For Motorhomes

- Mar 18, 2021-

New product release: overhead air conditioner for motorhomes

The new product launched by our company--NFRT2-150 overhead air conditioner for motorhomes.

This is an air conditioning system specially designed for motorhome lovers.The following are the detailed technical parameters of this air conditioner:

Upper Unit Sizes (L*W*H) 890*760*335 mm
Net Weight 41KG
Rated Cooling Capacity14000BTU
For 220V/50Hz,60Hz version, rated Heat Pump Capacity14500BTU or optional Heater 2000W
For 115V/60Hz version, optional Heater 1400W only
Inner frame materialEPS
MaterialVacuum forming ABS cover + Metal Base
Compressorvertical rotary type, LG or Rechi

air conditioner for caravan.png
overhead air conditioner for caravan.png


Powerful cooling, stable operation, good noise level



A. Read installation and operating instructions carefully before attempting to start your air conditioner / heat pump installation. 

B. The manufacturer will not be liable for any damages or injury incurred due to failure to follow these instructions. 

C. Installation must comply with the National Electrical Code and any State or Local Codes or regulations. 

D. DO NOT add any devices or accessories to this air conditioner / heat pump except  those specifically authorized by manufacturer.

E. This equipment must be serviced by qualified personnel and some states require

 licensed personnel. This product is designed for use as a RV roof top air conditioner / heat pump. The use of this product in other applications will void the manufactures warranty. 

A. NORMAL LOCATIONS: The unit is designed to fit over an existing roof vent opening. When the vent is removed, it normally creates a 14-1/4" x14-1/4"±1/8" opening. 

B. OTHER LOCATIONS: When a roof vent is not available or another location is desired.