New Product Release: Overhead Air Conditioner For Caravan

- Mar 18, 2021-

NFRT2-135 overhead air conditioner for caravan

air conditioner for caravan
air conditioner for caravan

A. This air conditioner / heat pump is designed for: 1. Installation on a recreational vehicle. 2. Mounting on the roof of a recreational vehicle. 3. Roof construction with rafters/joists on 16 inch centers. 4. 2.5" to 5.5" inch thick roofs. B. The efficiency of the air conditioner / heat pump will be affected by the conditions inside and outside of the RV. Reducing the heat gain of the RV will allow the air conditioner / heat pump to function with greater efficiency. 

Technical data

Upper Unit Sizes (L*W*H)890*760*335 mm
Net Weight39KG
Rated Cooling Capacity12000BTU
Power Supply220-240V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz, 115V/60Hz
Rated Heat Pump Capacity12500BTU or optional Heater 2000W  
Inner frame materialEPS
Compressor Rated Amperage12.4 (C)
Locked Rotor Amperage61
Locked Fan Rotor Amperage5.8

Application for caravan

air conditioner for caravan.png
air conditioner for RV.png

Here are some suggestions to reduce heat gain in your RV. 

1.Select a shaded area to park your RV

2. Close windows and utilize the blinds and / or curtains. 

3. Keep doors shut. 

4. Avoid using appliances that produce heat. Beginning the cooling / heating process early in the day will greatly improve the heat pump’s ability to maintain the desired temperature. In high temperature and high humidity environments, the air conditioner / heat pump should be set in Cool mode with the Fan Speed in the high position, This will allow for optimal cooling efficiency. C. Condensation The manufacturer of this air conditioner / heat pump will not be responsible for damage caused by condensed moisture on ceilings or other surfaces, Air contains moisture and this moisture tends to condense on cold surfaces, When air enters the RV, condensed moisture may appear on the ceiling, windows, metal parts, etc. The air conditioner / heat pump removes this moisture from the air during cooling operation, Keeping doors and windows closed when this air conditioner /heat pump is operating will minimize condensation.