New Product - Gas Water Heater

- Jun 04, 2019-

30kw Gas water heater for Bus

gas water heater

The YJT series gas heater is fueled by natural or liquefied gas, CNG or LNG, and has near-zero exhaust gas. Features automatic program control to ensure safe and reliable peration. Patented product, originated in China.

Suitable for preheating engine with a cold start and heating the passenger compartment in various types of gas powered buses, passenger buses and trucks.

In the whole world only 2 factories can produce the Gas Water Heater, one is from Germany, the other is we! Our factory is a joint venture with Webasto, and all production equipment and quality inspections are in strict accordance with the Webasto standard. Of course, our heater has got the Emark certificate. In a word our heater is of high quality and low price.

YJT Gas water heater