New Energy Pure Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Heating System Solution

- Oct 12, 2020-

In winter, the battery life of new energy electric vehicles will generally shrink greatly, mainly due to the increase in the viscosity of the electrolyte of the battery pack and the decrease in the charge and discharge performance of the battery pack at low temperatures. Theoretically: in an environment of minus 20 degrees Celsius, it is forbidden to charge the lithium battery (it will cause damage to the battery). Electric vehicles can be installed with car parking heaters to preheat the battery packs of new energy vehicles and keep them at normal operating temperature, so as to solve the problem of reduced endurance of new energy electric vehicles in low-temperature environments in winter and avoid low-temperature charging damage to the battery pack .

PTC 07

New energy pure electric vehicle battery pack heating system mainly adopts the following two methods:

Preheating heating solution 1: 

The fuel water heating heater installs water heating heaters for new energy electric vehicles, and heats the battery pack through heat transfer to reach the normal operating temperature.

The fuel of the water heater can be fuel, diesel, formaldehyde, etc., with low fuel consumption and no obvious noise. In addition to preheating the car battery pack, it can also heat the cab of a new energy electric vehicle, reducing the power of the electric vehicle Consumption, increase the service life of electric vehicles, and save a sum of battery replacement costs.

Preheating heater solution 2: 

new energy high-voltage electric heater.By installing PTC heaters in Xinneng electric vehicles, heat can be transferred to the electric vehicle battery pack to warm it up and keep it at normal operating temperature.

Regarding the heating system solutions of new energy electric vehicle battery pack preheating, cab heating, parking heating, etc., you can consult the official customer service. We will customize your own solution according to your specific needs.