Nanfeng Independent Car Air Conditioner Helps You Diagnose Automatic Air Conditioner Faults

- Dec 23, 2020-

Nanfeng independent car air conditioner helps you diagnose automatic air conditioner faults

If the automatic air conditioner is used or maintained improperly, some minor faults may occur. The following Nanfeng independent air conditioner helps you analyze and diagnose these faults.

The electrical circuit of the automatic air-conditioning system is much more complicated than that of the traditional model, which brings certain difficulties to the inspection and maintenance. The status is compared with the program parameters. If these limits are exceeded, the ECU detects a certain fault, and then sets a fault code to indicate the fault location of the system. Therefore, when repairing the automatic air conditioning system, you should first use the self-diagnosis function to obtain the first-hand information of the automobile air-conditioning system failure, such as reading the fault code, doing component action tests, etc., and inspecting and repairing based on the acquired information. As long as you have a detailed understanding of the above-mentioned working principles and perform maintenance in accordance with the correct methods and procedures, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

The basic method of overhauling the automatic air conditioning control system of a car is:

Extract the fault code on the car

Most automatic air conditioning systems can display the fault code in the memory on the electronic dashboard. For different car models, the methods used to extract the fault codes are different. You must refer to the correct operating procedures in the repair manual when repairing. According to the system design, the general computer can store the code for a long time, but when the ignition switch is turned off, some fault codes will be lost. For systems that cannot maintain the fault code when the ignition switch is turned off, you need to drive the car to reproduce the fault. Once the computer detects a fault, it must extract the fault code before turning off the ignition again.

It should be noted that the fault code does not necessarily indicate where the faulty component is, but only indicates the abnormal circuit range of the system. For example: when the displayed code indicates that there is a problem with the temperature sensor on the high-pressure side of the refrigerant in the air conditioning system, it does not mean that the sensor has been damaged. It may be related to the wire, connection point, and sensor. Follow the diagnostic operating procedures in the maintenance manual.