Nanfeng Heater Is Your Heart-warming Partner

- Oct 27, 2020-

Nanfeng heater is your heart-warming partner

Autumn is here, can winter be far behind? October is coming and November is approaching. It will soon usher in the rain and snow and low temperature weather. Facing the severe winter, many car owners will choose to put on plush cushions, and some car owners will warm up the temperature in the car in advance before using the car. Although this method can be relieved, it is not very convenient and effective, and the use time is short. In fact, only a warm brand can last forever. Nanfeng car heater is your warmest partner in winter!

The parking heater is different from the traditional engine equipment, it is a single fuel combustion heating system. Fuel heating is used to heat up the temperature of the engine and the cabin, which is widely used in cars, buses, trucks, machinery and other fields.

air heater (2).jpg

Air heater

9kw water heater1.JPG

Water heater

Features of parking heater system:

1. Independence: The parking heater is different from the traditional heating equipment. It operates independently of the engine. The heating process only needs to drive the coolant pump and the air-conditioning blower with the battery power, and it can be effective without relying on the engine. Operation.

2. Flexibility: This heating system does not need to be preheated in advance, it can be preheated directly by telephone, text message, or even regular timing and remote control operation, with high flexibility.

3. Convenience: The installation of the parking heater does not require a fixed vehicle type. Vehicles such as common cars and mini vehicles can be installed later, which is more convenient.

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