Misunderstandings In The Use Of Car Air Conditioners

- Aug 11, 2020-

1. Turn on the air conditioner immediately after getting in the car

We know that after a car is exposed to the sun, the internal temperature is so high that people can't stand it as soon as they sit in. Therefore, many people are used to turning on the car air conditioner as soon as they get in the car in order to lower the temperature in the car as soon as possible. In fact, this is wrong. We should first open the door to ventilate the air, then turn on the fan after the vehicle starts, and then turn on the air conditioner after about 3 to 5 minutes.

2. The inner loop opens to the end

As everyone knows, the internal circulation refrigeration effect is good, and it is very fuel-efficient, which causes many car owners to only use the air conditioning internal circulation system. In fact, this is wrong. Long-term use of the air-conditioning internal circulation system will cause the air in the car to get worse and worse, and the oxygen content in the car will also decrease, which will cause harm to the passengers' respiratory system. Therefore, automobile air conditioners must be used alternately inside and outside.

3. The cold wind blows directly on the face

In the hot summer, many people, in order to be greedy for the cold, air-conditioning cold wind blows directly on their faces after getting in the car. This is actually very wrong. Too much cold wind can cause severe irritation to the facial nerves and may cause facial paralysis. Therefore, when we use the car air conditioner, we should avoid cold wind blowing directly on our body, and the air conditioner temperature should not be turned on too low.

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4. Turn on the air conditioner and sleep in the car

The air conditioner is turned on and the windows are closed tightly. In this case, sleeping in the car is particularly dangerous. The air cannot circulate inside and outside the car. If the carbon monoxide discharged from the engine flows into the car, people will easily be poisoned and even die.

5. Do not turn off the air conditioner after turning off

In order to keep the air in the car cool, many car owners do not turn off the air conditioner after turning off the engine. This will cause great damage to the car, make the evaporator humid, cause toxins to survive and multiply in the air conditioner, and cause the air conditioner to smell. We should turn off the air conditioner within 6-7 minutes before turning off the vehicle.

6. The air outlet is straight down

According to the principle of sinking cold air and rising hot air, if the air outlet of the air conditioner keeps downward, the hot and cold air in the car will not circulate, which will make the car hotter. It is recommended that the air outlet should be properly facing upwards, and the skills can be quickly cooled down, which can also make people feel more comfortable and kill two birds with one stone.

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7. The minimum air volume of the air conditioner

During the use of the air conditioner, it is inevitable that some dirt and dust will be inhaled, and it will become toxic over time. If the air volume is too small, it is difficult to blow out the dirt and dust in the air conditioner. Therefore, when we use the air conditioner, we can adjust the air conditioner to the maximum gear at regular intervals and keep it for about 10 minutes to prevent dust from accumulating in the air conditioner.

8. Do not clean up for a long time

Many people’s car air conditioners are only cleaned once for a long time, and some even have to wait until the air conditioner is dirty. This is very bad for the human body. If the bacteria growing in the air conditioner cannot be removed in time, it will enter the human body along with the air conditioner wind and cause respiratory infections. And if it is not cleaned for a long time, the effect of air conditioning will also decrease. It is recommended to clean the air conditioner regularly to eliminate potential safety hazards.