Maintenance Of Jet Water Heater In Winter

- Feb 05, 2021-

Maintenance of jet water heater  in winter

1 Maintenance before use in winter

1.1 The filter cup of the diesel filter should be replaced before use every winter.

1.2 Clean up the dust and oil inside the burner, wipe the ignition electrode, fuel injector, photoelectric sensor and other parts clean.

1.3 Check and clean up carbon deposits and dust inside the combustion chamber and heat exchanger, and rinse them with depressurized gas or high-pressure water.

1.4 It is forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials in the heater installation space.

1.5 Check the reliability of the connecting parts of the heater system and check the heater for mechanical damage.

1.6 Check the ventilation of the oil circuit and water circuit of the heater system and the tightness of the connection of each pipeline. Replace low-temperature fuel and antifreeze.

1.7 Check the patency of the heater's air inlet and smoke outlet.

1.8 Check the reliability of the circuit connection of the heater system, whether there is a short circuit or open circuit, and whether the voltage is normal.

1.9 Start the heater under the condition of being monitored by someone. If there is no problem in working for one cycle, the overhaul is completed. If there are abnormal noises, thick smoke, or overheating, turn off the heater, and then turn on the heater after inspection by professionals.

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 Jet water heater

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Jet water heater parts

2 Maintenance in use

2.1 Check the tightness of the oil circuit system before use every day, and check whether the heater installation floor is sufficiently oily.

2.2 Check the tightness of the liquid circulation system before use every day, and check for signs of antifreeze leakage under the vehicle.

2.3 Check whether each pipeline valve is open.

2.4 After each replacement of lower grade fuel oil, the heater should work for more than 10 minutes to clean up the fuel oil accumulated in the fuel pipe.

2.5 In the heater installation space, stacking flammable and explosive materials is prohibited.

2.6 The heater must be turned off 3 minutes before the vehicle enters gas stations, oil depots and other areas where flammable particles gather.

2.7 For areas with severe wind, sand and dust, the heater maintenance rate is 1 time/month. Clean the ignition electrode, fuel injector, photosensitive anode and heat exchanger.

3 Storage and maintenance

If the heater is not used for a long time, the following protection needs to be done.

3.1 Close the pipeline valve and release the liquid stored in the pipeline system.

3.2 Seal the heater's air inlet and smoke outlet.

3.3 Disconnect the heater main harness connector and seal it with waterproof tape.

3.4 When the heater is not in use, it should be started at least once a month, and each operation should be no less than 5 minutes.