Maintenance And Maintenance Of Parking Heater

- Nov 20, 2017-

After being used in winter, the parking heater should be removed from the car for cleaning and maintenance, adding grease. Usually in a heating season without overhaul, such as the discovery of thermal efficiency decreased significantly, not easy ignition or other faults, should promptly find out the reasons.

1, the heater running after a period of time (according to usage), unscrew the glow plugs clean coke, such as electric wire burned off, remove the replacement of the electric plug (new electric plug for wearing parts).

2, if the carbon deposit is too much, resulting in thermal efficiency reduction, should clean the water jacket inner wall heat sink and combustion chamber carbon deposition.

3, the tank, tubing and oil filter should be kept clean and smooth, according to the actual situation, regular cleaning.

4. In the heater circulation system, the antifreeze or antifreeze mixture suitable for the ambient temperature should be used as coolant medium.

5, heater forced circulation pump, according to the use of regular inspection, such as the leakage of the seal surface or difficult operation when starting, should be timely overhaul.

6, the heater automatic controller, solenoid valve and other electrical components are maintained according to the general low-voltage electrical equipment maintenance method, the automatic controller performance parameters are carefully adjusted by the manufacturer, the user shall not change without authorization.

The motor used 7, heater, under normal circumstances, the use of 3000 hours without maintenance, such as the use of too much time or other reasons does not work normally, should be maintenance, check brush wear or bearing lubrication, if necessary, add grease or pre run carbon brush replacement.

8, in the absence of parking heater heating season, need to start 3-4 times, each running about 5 minutes.