LCD Panel Fault Description

- Aug 07, 2020-

Fault code description

machine malfunction

The night scene icon flashes

Digital display status


Power supply undervoltage


Panel display E-01

Increase the supply voltage

Power supply overvoltage


Panel display E-02

Reduce the supply voltage

Ignition plug failure


Panel display E-03

Check whether the ignition plug is open or short-circuited

Oil pump failure


Panel display E-04

Check whether the oil pump is disconnected or short-circuited

The machine is overheating


Panel display E-05

Check the temperature sensor on the shell, or whether the fan speed is normal

Motor failure


Panel display E-06

Check magnet polarity, Hall sensor position

Disconnection fault


Panel display E-07

Check the panel link plug, the blue communication line is not connected properly

Flame out


Panel display E-08

Check for air or blockagen the oil circuit. Check whether the case temperat iure sensor is faulty, or whether the socket terminals are in good contact

The content of the form describes the digital panel and the LCD panel, both of which can be equipped with remote control, and the content of the fault is exactly the same as the content of the above form.

The fault content of the knob panel is the same as above, and the fault display mode is indicated by the number of flashing lights or the number of flashing lights (the indicator display mode depends on the number of lights).