Is Installing A Parking Heater Harmful To Cars And People?

- Nov 12, 2020-

Is installing a parking heater harmful to cars and people?

Many consumers have a misunderstanding about the parking heater, thinking that the parking heater will cause harm to the car, including the human body, but this is not the case. The parking heater is an on-board heating device, which can preheat the car and provide a warm environment for the drivers and passengers. Installing qualified parking heaters will not harm the car or the people.

In the cold winter, the vehicle is difficult to start, and low-temperature starting can cause great damage to the engine. Using the parking heater to preheat the vehicle not only solves the problem of difficult starting of the vehicle, but also reduces the damage to the engine caused by low-temperature starting; The parking heater for energy electric vehicles can keep the battery warm, avoid the damage to the battery pack caused by low-temperature starting, and improve the service life and performance of the battery.

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In winter, especially in rainy and snowy weather, fogging and icing of car windows often occurs. It takes time to clean without a parking heater. It takes a long time to endure the cold when sitting in the car. The parking heater can be remotely controlled. It runs, defrosts and defogs in advance, and you can feel the warmth in the car.

Of course, the premise is that the parking heater is installed and used correctly. Since the parking heater is fueled by oil, exhaust gas will be generated. This requires a reasonable installation of smoke exhaust pipes during installation. The exhaust pipes should be installed Outside the car and inclined downwards.

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