Introduction To Absorption Refrigerators

- Mar 05, 2021-

Introduction to absorption refrigerators

Absorption refrigerator (hereinafter referred to as absorption refrigerator) is an environmentally friendly high-tech product. Because it does not use Freon, it protects the atmospheric ozone layer, does not have compressors and any mechanical transmission parts, and does not produce any noise during operation. International environmental protection organizations hailed it as "Double Green Products". The core part is the refrigeration machine core, which is a fully enclosed system formed by bending and welding steel pipes.



Absorption refrigerators have high technology content due to advanced technology, although many hotels use them extensively.

However, the specific working principle is really not understood by general users, and the working principle is described as follows:

The system is filled with ammonia, helium and water in a certain proportion. The refrigerant is ammonia, water is the absorbent, and helium is the dispersant. The movement directly uses the heat source as the driving force to promote the refrigerant cycle to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. The system uses the principle of thermosyphon to make the refrigeration system continue without any mechanical transmission.


The working principle of the refrigeration machine core is: the refrigeration machine core is mainly composed of generators, condensers, evaporators and other main components. Under the low partial pressure of the liquid ammonia in the evaporator, its ammonia vapor diffuses into the helium gas. The helium gas in the mixed gas of ammonia and helium produced releases the ammonia gas in the absorber, and the concentrated ammonia solution formed by the absorption of water enters again. The generator uses a working heat source to heat in the generator. After heating, the ammonia vapor evaporates, the ammonia gas is cooled into ammonia through the condenser, and the ammonia water enters the evaporator. Due to physical changes, it forms repeated endothermic and exothermic reactions.

Namely: NH4OH→NH3+H20


The entire circulatory system has no mechanical transmission, so no noise is generated. Since ammonia only needs heat to evaporate from ammonia water, a variety of energy sources can be used, which is beyond the reach of compressors.


The absorption refrigerator is a combination of a diffusion absorption refrigerating machine core, a box body and related accessories. Its core part is the refrigerating machine core, and the core is a fully enclosed system formed by bending and welding of some steel pipes.

Purpose of absorption refrigerator:

Because of the special refrigeration principle of absorption refrigerators, it is extremely quiet in working condition. It is especially suitable for use in places with strict requirements on working noise, such as guest rooms in star hotels, wards in hospitals, individual apartments, and meeting rooms in high-end office areas. And reception area.