Integrated Heater Makes Life More Comfortable

- Nov 24, 2020-

Integrated heater makes life more comfortable

Many friends would like to buy a fuel heater when buying a motorhome or refitting a motorhome. What are the benefits of installing a fuel heater? Of course, it is comfortable and convenient!

When driving in winter, we can keep the air conditioner on to keep warm. When the vehicle stops and turns off, the heat is immediately interrupted. At this time, the advantages of fuel heaters are brought into play. The on-board fuel heater is not limited by the engine and can work even when it is turned off, providing a continuous and efficient warm and comfortable heat source for the RV space.

Driving an RV is particularly beautiful. Whether it is cooking or resting, it is very convenient. The only headaches are the hot water supply and bathing. Oil-fired water heating heaters also have a special advantage. By refitting the pipelines, they can quickly obtain hot water with a heat exchanger, which is convenient for daily life and the supply of bath water. At present, Nanfeng Company has launched a hot water and air integrated heater to bring you  warm in the cold winter.

integrated heater

The product advantage of the hot water heater heater is that only one device is needed for vehicle heating and hot water supply, but it can get double the comfort.

1. Almighty: can operate gas and diesel, electric or mixed mode;

2. Convenience: It can be combined with air conditioner to realize automatic temperature control;

3. High efficiency: taking into account self-sufficiency and low energy consumption;

4. The whole adopts plastic and die-cast aluminum mixed structure, which is lightweight, energy-saving, compact in structure, and has a heating efficiency of 97%. A 10L stainless steel water tank is uniformly heated. Equipped with a fan with adjustable power and controlled by an electric control panel, it consumes less power.