How To Use Our New LCD Screen Controller For Our 3KW And 5KW Air Diesel Parking Heater Used In Trucks, Caravans, Motorhomes And Yachts

- Nov 21, 2017-

        Press the "flame" button for a while to start the heater, the "left" button and "right" button are used to change the gear. Press "set" button quickly to come to the air conditioning mode. The left button and the right button are used to modulate the temperature. Press"set" key quickly to log out.

        When you want to set the timer, press the "set" button for a while to come to the timer mode. At this time, there is one clock appearing on the screen. Press "set" button quickly and then modulate the hour and the minute of the timer.

        Press "set" key again to log out.

        Press the "flame" button for a while to turn off the heater.