How To Solve The Hot Water Problem Of RV?

- Oct 14, 2020-

  Most people don’t like to use the RV camping house in winter, thinking that the cold weather will cause certain problems for camping. In fact, every season has its unique camping fun. Winter is also a good camping season: When camping in spring, summer and autumn, you can explore on land such as forests and grasslands. In winter, the weather is cold and many lakes and ponds will freeze. At this time, you can play on the ice. Many people also like to dig ice and fish; skiing in snowy places, playing snowmobiles, etc., this kind of fun can only be enjoyed in winter.

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  However, how to solve the problem of hot water use in RVs in winter?

  As we all know, the current design of the existing finished RV water tank is too small to make reasonable use of the car space, and the volume of the water tank is too small to achieve separate control of cold and hot water; the water supply system has only one water pump, once it is damaged, it cannot be used, and the failure rate is high. ; At the same time, the heat generated by the engine during driving is not used reasonably, and cold water must be heated separately when hot water is used, which results in large energy loss.

  There are three ways to solve the problem of heating and bathing hot water in RVs, which are oil heating, gas heating and electric heating. The water used in the RV is the parking fuel heater, electric hot water tank, overwater heating, gas hot water, etc.


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  The parking fuel heater is small in size and compact in structure. It occupies a small space in the engine compartment, which is easy to install and maintain. Electric hot water tanks have relatively low energy consumption, occupy a large area, have a long preheating time, and are prone to scale formation.

  The super-water heat is small in size and can be installed in the engine box or the cab. It has high thermal efficiency, abundant water, does not occupy space, low cost, and is easy to modify.

  The principle of gas-fired hot water is the same as for domestic use.

  At present, car owners use more parking fuel heaters and over-water heaters, mainly because of its high efficiency, light weight, and low safety hazards. However, it is the freedom of all riders to choose which heater. , Here is only one suggestion, if you have any comments, you can leave us a message!