How To Properly Car Air Conditioner?

- Apr 08, 2021-

How to properly car air conditioner?

Summer is coming soon, which also means that we are about to live with ice cubes and keep pace with the air-conditioning rhythm.

Of course, those who choose to travel in a private car can't do without the on-board 12v portable air conditioner. The temperature in the car can reach 40 or 50 degrees under the sun's exposure, and the on-board air conditioner has become a gospel for travelers. But, will you use car air conditioners correctly?

Turn off the flame before turning off the air conditioner

Turning off the engine before turning off the air conditioner is harmful to the engine, because the engine will start with the load of the air conditioner when the vehicle is started next time. Such a high load will damage the engine.

The best practice: turn it off a few minutes before reaching the destination, so that natural wind can be turned on, so that the temperature in the air-conditioning duct will rise, eliminate the temperature difference with the outside, so as to keep the air-conditioning system relatively dry and avoid mold growth. In addition, the air conditioner should be turned on after the vehicle has been started for two or three minutes and the engine has been lubricated.

Feel free to dial the air outlet

When turning on the air conditioner, some drivers do not pay attention to adjusting the blowing direction of the air conditioner, which affects the effect of the air conditioner.

Best practice: Due to the physical principle of hot air rising and cold air sinking, it is recommended that the driver should place the air outlet properly upward when turning on the air conditioner, and turn the air outlet properly downward when turning on the heater.

Use the air conditioner for a long time

Many drivers often turn on the air conditioner as soon as they get in the car, and long-term use of the car air conditioner will greatly increase the pressure of the condenser, thereby greatly increasing the loss of the refrigeration system.

Best practice: Therefore, the air conditioner should not be used for too long. When the temperature in the car reaches a relatively comfortable temperature, the air conditioner can be turned off for a while, and the air conditioner can be turned on again after a while.

Into the car immediately open the inner loop

In the hot summer, many car owners are accustomed to turning on the internal circulation of the air conditioner as soon as they enter the car, thinking that this can make the temperature inside the car drop faster. This is wrong, because the temperature inside the car is higher than the temperature outside the car, so the effect is not good.

Best practice: Since the internal circulation is the circulation of air in the car, the oxygen content in the car is gradually reduced. When the gasoline in the cylinder is not safe to burn, the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide produced may leak into the car, resulting in the car interior The air is getting worse and worse. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners should open the internal cycle for a while when using the air conditioner, and then switch to the external cycle to activate the effect of ventilation.

Sleep with the air conditioner on after parking

In order to relieve fatigue, some people park the car on the side of the road, close the doors and windows, turn on the air conditioner, and "enjoy" the comfort brought by the coolness. In fact, this is a very dangerous thing, because the engine is working like gasoline in the cylinder. Incomplete combustion will produce high concentrations of carbon monoxide, which can lead to poisoning and even death.

Best practice: It is not advisable to turn on the air conditioner to sleep in the car to avoid danger.

The air conditioner is always on at the minimum air volume

Most car owners mistakenly think that it will consume more fuel when the air conditioner is turned on to the maximum gear, so they will try to turn on a small air volume. In fact, the air conditioner tends to suck in a certain amount of dust during use, which will form dirt. After a long period of time, mildew will occur. If a small amount of air is used for a long time, it is difficult to blow the dirt in the air conditioner. Going out will affect your health.

The best practice: every once in a while, the air conditioner needs to be turned on to the maximum gear, about 10 minutes or so can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust.

Smoking in the car with the air conditioner on

Some people turn on the air conditioner and smoke in the car when they park for rest or wait for someone in the car. In fact, doing so is harmful to the health of the people in the car, because the doors and windows are closed and the smoke cannot be discharged. Irritating to your eyes and respiratory system.

The second aunt: summer is here, can you use the car air conditioner?

The best practice: It is harmful to stop and turn on the air conditioner, and smoking is harmful to your health. Remember to adjust the air conditioning and ventilation control to the "exhaust" position.

Stack items near the air inlet

Some people are accustomed to making the car messy, such as stacking various objects near the air intake port, seemingly random behavior, in fact, it is very bad. This can block the air intake port and air circulation in the air conditioning system. Blocked. Some people will complain that the air conditioner is not cool, and see if the air inlet is blocked.

Best practice: Clean up the compartment, and pay special attention to moving the items near the air inlet to ensure normal air circulation.

Turn on the air conditioner as soon as you enter the car

The weather outside is hot, and the inside of the car is even hotter. As soon as you get in the car, a heat wave hits, and the heat is unbearable. Your first reaction may be to turn on the air conditioner, hoping for the cool breeze to drive the heat wave-you are wrong again. This not only has a bad cooling effect, but also increases the pressure of the engine during initial operation.

Best practice: You have to bear with it first. After getting in the car, open all the windows, start the external circulation system of the air conditioner, and exhaust the heat. After the temperature in the car drops, close the windows and open it again at this time. Air-conditioning, and adjust to suitable temperature. Tip: The car is very hot. The first action to get in the car should be to open the window, start the external circulation of the air conditioner, and discharge the hot air.

Free choice of air conditioner temperature

Some people keep the temperature very low in order to keep them cool, which seems to be very refreshing. However, if you do this, the human body’s endocrine system will not be able to adjust, and it will be easy to get diseases such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, colds and so on. When the indoor temperature is adjusted too low, such as below 20℃, it will cause a variety of discomforts, such as sore limbs, general weakness and chills, headache, sore throat, abdominal pain, backache, limb neuralgia, and even mouth pain in severe cases. Symptoms such as crooked eyes.

Best practice: If there are elderly or children in the car, the temperature should be set at 27°C. Reminder: Under normal circumstances, the temperature inside the car should be 5℃-6℃ different from the outside temperature. Therefore, it is better to check the outdoor temperature when the car owner adjusts the temperature.

The air conditioner does not strike and never cleans

Generally, there are more sand and catkins in spring, and most of these things are easily adsorbed on the air conditioner filter element, which causes the filter element to breed bacteria and cause the air conditioner to produce peculiar smell.

Best practice: After the vehicle enters the summer, it is recommended to check the use of the filter element. Normally, the air-conditioning filter element is in the glove box of the co-pilot. After taking out the filter element, you can observe the specific condition of the filter element. If it is not very dirty, it is recommended to use an air gun to blow off the floating dust and debris. If the filter element is already very dirty or the replacement cycle has been reached, It is recommended to replace it quickly.