​How To Make Your RV Be Like Spring In The Cold Night ?

- Nov 27, 2020-

How to make your RV be like spring in the cold night ?

The RV has opened up the life of migratory birds to people. In winter, they drove the RV to the south, and in the summer they returned to the north from the south, so they lived a life like spring all year round. However, there are still some RV players who like to taste the beauty of the four seasons, but the extreme cold at high latitudes is a severe test for customers and RVs. So, how can you experience the warmth like spring in a cold place? Today, I will give you a brief introduction to an important part of the RV-the parking heating system.

air parking heater

The parking heater is divided into two types according to the fuel source, the fuel parking heater and the gas parking heater. Gas heaters are generally the most common in American RV heating systems. This time we will focus on the fuel heater, which is a set of vehicle-mounted small combustion cycle heating device. Its power supply comes from the 12V power supply of the battery in the living area of the RV compartment, which heats the coolant in the water tank by burning the fuel in the fuel tank in the car to achieve the purpose of preheating the engine, providing warm air in the compartment, and heating domestic hot water. Fuel heaters can be said to play an important role in RVs. Among the current models on the market, some RVs will be equipped as standard when leaving the factory, and some RVs need to be optional.

We all know that the main sources of heating in RVs are parking air conditioning, parking heaters, and driving air conditioning. By comparison, the principle of parking air conditioner is relatively simple. It provides power supply through external mains, and only needs to turn on the heating mode of the indoor unit to heat up. However, the shortcomings of parking air conditioning are also obvious. The parking air conditioner can only be used normally when it is connected to the mains, and the battery pack in the RV is not enough. Players who often travel outside cannot guarantee that they can receive the mains at all times. Also, many parking air conditioners claim to be ultra-quiet, but when you turn it on, you will find that this is not the case. People who sleep lightly at night may find it difficult to tolerate this noise.