How To Judge Whether The Air-heated Parking Heater Is Malfunctioning

- Oct 15, 2020-

How to judge whether the air-heated parking heater is malfunctioning

The role of the air parking heater in the car is to provide heat inside the car and melt the ice, snow or frost on the car windows, so that it can clearly see the outside of the car.

Below we will introduce how to judge whether the air heater is malfunctioning and how to deal with it.

1. The air heater in the car has several vents on the car windows, and the heated air is delivered to the car through the vents. Turn on the heater and face the air outlet with your hand. If you can feel the air and it is hot, then the air heater is working properly.

2. Turn off the radio or other devices, park the car in a quiet place and listen to the sound of your heater fan turning. If you do not hear the sound of the fan rotating or the air moving, it means that your fan is broken, and the heater may be broken. If you can feel the hot air from the vent, but the hot air is not blowing out, it means that the motor of your air heater is broken.

air heater (2)

3. If you can feel the air moving or hear the fan turning, it means your fan is good. But if the air is not hot, the air heater may be broken, and the heater needs to be replaced.

4. If you can't hear the fan rotating or can't feel the air flow without any heat, it means that the entire air heater may be broken. You need to check the fuse box and replace any blown fuses.

The air heater can not only provide heat to the car, but also effectively improve the cold start performance of the car and the bad emission of the cold car. Therefore, once an abnormal situation occurs during use, it is better to judge whether there is a fault and the cause of the fault in time. To protect your car.

Ensure that you use it at ease.