How To Choose RV Air Conditioner?

- Aug 19, 2020-

What are the categories of RV air conditioners?

1. Driving air conditioning

It is generally used in self-propelled RVs, that is, the air conditioner used in the driving process of the chassis part of the vehicle. Generally, it needs to be directly powered by the engine during driving, and the method of use is the same as that of the air conditioner on an ordinary family car. In the parking state, the on-vehicle air conditioner cannot be used for a long time, which will cause the carbon monoxide concentration in the car to exceed the standard and suffocation. In addition, the on-vehicle air conditioner has poor cooling effect in the idling state.

2. Parking air conditioner

As the name suggests, when the RV arrives at the destination, it borrows the air conditioner with a stable power supply after parking. According to the different installation positions, it can be divided into top-mounted air-conditioning and bottom-mounted air-conditioning; according to the functional division, it can be divided into heating and cooling air-conditioning and single refrigeration air-conditioning; according to the type of air-conditioning, it can be divided into household air-conditioning and RV special air-conditioning; from the power supply type Can be divided into 12V, 24V, 220V air conditioners.

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The advantages and disadvantages of parking air conditioners

1. Overhead air conditioner

The overhead air conditioner is generally installed outside the car, and the internal unit is on the top of the car. The overhead air conditioner only needs to be installed on the top of the RV and will not occupy the space in the RV. Because the overhead air conditioner is specially designed for the RV, it has a strong shockproof function. At the same time, because there are air outlets all around, the wind will be very uniform and rapid, and the temperature will drop quickly. However, the outdoor unit of the overhead air conditioner will generally increase the height of the RV by 20cm-30cm. When encountering the height limit bar, pay more attention to whether it can pass.

2. Bottom air conditioner

Bottom-mounted air conditioners are generally hidden under the bed in the RV or under the deck sofa. Bottom-mounted air conditioners are generally installed in hidden places, such as under the sofa or under the bed, and do not take up space. The air outlet can be designed according to your own needs. You can design it according to the specific space of your RV.

3. Household air conditioner

The household air conditioner split unit has two parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, which can be installed flexibly and can choose the installation location independently. The home air conditioner itself is small, and the price of the air conditioner outside the car is relatively low. However, household air conditioners occupy relatively large space and weight, and have weak seismic performance. After long-term use, air conditioner components will loosen and deform during vehicle driving, which poses safety risks.

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How to maintain the RV air conditioner?

1. Clean the air conditioner filter regularly

In order to ensure the normal and effective operation of the air conditioner in the motorhome, it is necessary to clean the air conditioner filter frequently. Air-conditioning filters with excessive dust and dirt will reduce the cooling capacity and efficiency of the air-conditioning. The filter is located in the motorhome, under the wind panel on the air conditioning unit. Most RV air-conditioning filters must be carefully and thoroughly rinsed in warm water.

2. Check the casing and condenser blades

Carefully check the components and casing of the air conditioner. Once the casing of the air conditioner is found to be loose or broken, the air conditioner's functions such as heat preservation and drying will malfunction. Next, check the condenser blades of the air conditioner to make sure that the blades are not bent.

3. Remove dirt from parts

Remove the metal sheet to protect the metal cooling wing, and use water pipes and sprayers to remove accumulated dirt and leaves. When cleaning these parts, make sure that the parts are not connected to the power source to avoid accidents. You can also choose to use an air pump to use the pressure in the air pump to clear the dirt. The advantage is that there is no danger, but the disadvantage is that it may take longer and the effect is not as good as water cleaning.