How Parking Heaters Work

- Nov 13, 2017-

What is the parking heating system?

Parking heating is a small combustion cycle heating system independent of engine operation. It heats the water in the tank by burning the fuel in the car so that the car and the engine can be heated without starting the car. This system is widely used in cars, buses, engineering vehicles, yachts and other fields.


The working principle is: heating in the car from a small amount of fuel from the tank to the parking heater combustion chamber, after being igniter to get the fire; the combustion chamber is connected with the water tank through the cooling liquid coolant pipe, heating cycle in the car; through the heater radiator is the engine compartment for heating, at the same time also is preheated. The whole process does not need to start the vehicle without the engine involved. In general, heating for 20 minutes allows the car to become warmer, the engine fully preheated, and the window of ice and snow will be melted. Depending on the size of the heater, the fuel needed for heating is varied from 0.2 liters to 0.3 liters.

Starting mode: Parking heating system has many ways of starting. The first parking heater can be completed through the timing start; followed by a special remote controller for remote start in a few hundred meters away; the most interesting way through the mobile phone remote control opening, that is to say as long as the vehicle to send a message or call can open the parking heater, very convenient.

Characteristics of parking heating system

1. independent work: this heating system is independent of the engine, the whole process only need to rely on the battery power to drive the coolant pump and air conditioning blower, the engine does not participate in the operation, effectively protect the vehicle.

2. high flexibility: the system can not only manually open, but also through the timing, remote control and mobile phone text messages or telephone to open, high flexibility.

3. installation convenience: in addition to the standard parking heating models, the common micro cars, small cars until the SUV models can be installed in the late. Some car manufacturers will also provide optional services.

4. whole car heating: due to the working principle of parking heater is heating the coolant tank, so in the temperature of the heating compartment also on the engine also eliminates the winter heating, start the vehicle after preheating trouble, the lower engine cold start wear.