How Does The Car Parking Heater Work

- Nov 18, 2020-

How does the car parking heater work?

The working principle of the parking heater is to extract a small amount of fuel from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber of the parking heater, and then the fuel is burned in the combustion chamber to generate heat, heating the air in the cab, and then dissipating the heat to the cabin through the heater radiator Inside, the engine is also warmed up at the same time. In this process, the battery power and a certain amount of fuel will be consumed. According to the power of the heater, the fuel consumption per hour of the heater is about 0.2L. The on-board heater is also called the parking heater. It is an independent auxiliary heating system on the vehicle. The parking heater can work when the engine is not started, and it can also provide auxiliary heating during driving. 

air heater (2)

Common parking heaters include water heating systems and air heating systems; the most common air heating systems are fuel-based parking heaters, and the heating systems used by large trucks and construction machinery vehicles are generally diesel heaters. . The parking heating system is mainly composed of intake air supply system, fuel supply system, ignition system, cooling system and control system. Its working process can be divided into five working steps: intake phase, fuel injection phase, mixing phase, ignition and combustion Stage and heat exchange stage.

Because the parking heating system has good heating effect, safe and convenient to use, and can realize remote control operation, the car can be pre-heated in cold winter, which greatly improves the comfort of the car.