Heaters Using

- Feb 18, 2017-

1, switch panel introduction

In a vehicle fuel heater switch panel, for example, the various switch functions as follows:

A, heater pump switch: used to turn on or turn off the heating system pump

B, heater switch: turn on or off the heater

C, radiator switch: used to turn on or off the heatsink fan

D, defroster switch: used to turn on or off on the defroster fan

2, an action method

A switch, press the heater water pump, water pump, using the switch can be achieved using engine waste heat for heating and windshield defrost.

B, press the heater switch, the heater started working, automatic ignition.

C, the heater caught fire, the controller automatically cut off the glow plug and heater work.

D, heating automatic control system for inlet water temperature sensor coolant thermostat. Water inlet temperature 80 ℃ fire; 65 ℃ re-ignition, pumps to work.

E off: first turn off the heater switch, turn off pump switch, do not close

Close pump again turn off the heater.