Heater Maintenance Methods

- Jan 04, 2018-

1, the heater is running for a period of time (according to user usage), should remove the ignition plug clean up coke, such as ignition plug wire blown, should be removed to replace the new ignition plug.

2, if too much carbon deposition, resulting in reduced thermal efficiency, water jacket should be cleaned inside the heat sink and the combustion chamber of carbon deposition.

3, if you find the heater host intake pipe exhaust pipe and the pipe is clogged with mud, please clean up, clear. Keep the heater compartment clean and keep flammable objects around.

4, to ensure that tanks, tubing and oil filter solenoid valve clean to prevent dirt clogging oil.

5, the heater circulation system should be used with the external environment temperature antifreeze suitable as a circulating heating medium.

6, the heater pump should be based on user use, regular inspection, if found to seal the sealing parts of the water leakage, or pump start running difficulties and other failures, timely maintenance.

7. The automatic control box on the heater main body, the oil-filter electromagnetic rice and other electrical components are all maintained according to the maintenance methods of ordinary low-voltage electrical appliances. The performance parameters of the automatic control box are carefully debugged by the manufacturers before leaving the factory.

8, to ensure that the thermal control in short, good condition, regular inspection, found that the micro switch failure or damage, please promptly replaced.

9, the main motor used by the heater, under normal circumstances, the use of 5000 hours without maintenance, as a result of the use of time or other causes of abnormal work, should be overhauled, check the carbon brush wear or bearing lubrication, it is necessary Please add grease or replace the carbon brush.

10, during the warm season does not use the heater, please start regularly 4 - 5 times, each run for about 5 minutes to ensure that the heater in the next normal operation.