Heater Maintenance

- Feb 18, 2017-

Vehicle fuel heater belonging to the seasonal use of the equipment, before the opening, use, stopping should be done after appropriate inspection and maintenance, to ensure safety and reliability. Secondary must check the following items:

1 liquid heater not seasons, should start the heater once a month

2 check the fuel filter, if necessary,

3 check the tightness of pipes, bends and interference location

4 check the sealing of the fuel oil, oil spill

5 check that the line is damaged, whether the connector is loose, fixing reliability

6 check the pump motor operation, there is no abnormal sound

7 check the glow plug or ignition generator (ignition electrode) for carbon

8 check whether the sensor is effective

9 check the combustion air and exhaust pipe, smooth smoke-free jam

10 radiators, defroster fan if there is abnormal sound or issuing

11 whether the radiator is leaking

12 ensure fuel tank, fuel line and filter the oil solenoid valve clean to prevent dirt jam oil