Feeling Cold While Traveling ? Well, Not Anymore! Try Our Tent Heater

- Aug 19, 2020-

It is surely getting cold outside and it will surge with each passing day. Well, leave your worries aside and let us make your travel and camping plans safe and cozy, with our portable tent air heater.

The portable Tent Heater with a self-contained system is portable and easy to operate. It has the advantages of:

          1. Stable heating effect

          2. Low fuel consumption

          3. High thermal efficiency

          4. Extremely low exhaust emission

          5. Low power consumption

          6. Long continuous service time


The portable Tent air heater can be used for vehicles, equipment cabins, ship cabins, tents and other mobile places which have high heating requirements but are not convenient for installation. Besides, it is of fully automatic thermostat control, with functions of self-protection and fault diagnosis.

Portable Tent air heater can be powered by a 220V AC power supply, automobile battery or 24V DC stabilized power supply. It can work normally in an environment with a temperature of -41°C or even lower as diesel or kerosene is used as fuel for heating. 

Tent Heater

Driven by electric energy, the electromagnetic pump of the heater sucks fuel from a fuel tank, and the fuel is heated in the combustion chamber of the heater by the ignition plug to volatilize into the gaseous state, and then mixed with combustion air supplied by a combustion air wheel to be fully burned. After the combustion reaches normal status, the ignition plug is no longer powered to work.

Tent heater2 

The heat generated during combustion is transmitted to cold air sucked in by a fan through a heat exchanger, and afterwards, the cold air is discharged to the outside of the heater body after being heated, thus achieving the effect of heating. The heater body which is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant, and the exchanger, benefiting from casting process with good sealing, has high heat exchange efficiency and ensures the supply of odorless hot air.