Facing Interruptions In Your YJH Water Parking Heaters?

- Aug 18, 2020-

One of the foremost problems faced by some users is repeated interruption in normal working of their parking heaters. This problem is triggered by improper harness connections, managed by them, while setting it up. Harness serve as power transmitter and any wrong configuration would ultimately make your system workless.

While installation, please read carefully all the instructions and correct configurations to avoid any mistake while implementing them.


As depicted by the schematic connections, Positive and negative electrode of wire harness should be directly connected to vehicle battery, ensuring that heater is always powered to support its normal operation.

While making connections, care must be taken that your harness is properly connected to heater’s circuit board terminal plugin. As exhibited below, the plugins comprise of vertical projections that must be exactly perpendicular to the base of your parking heaters.


While making improper connections, strong impacts or accidents, some of them may get bent. This will cause an improper connection and hence lead to errors or interruptions during normal course of operations.


Abiding given set of instructions from user manual, avoiding any forceful impacts and carefully analyzing the connections before turning on your machine, would definitely save you from this mess.