Electric Vehicle PTC Liquid Electric Heater Is More Energy-efficient Than Air Conditioning System

- Dec 31, 2020-

Electric vehicle PTC liquid electric heater is more energy-efficient than air conditioning system

We all know that the cruising range of a new energy electric vehicle is closely related to the power storage capacity of the battery pack. In fact, the cruising range of a new energy electric vehicle is also closely related to the air conditioning, tire pressure, vehicle speed and user habits. The system is a large electricity user of new energy electric vehicles. Turning on the air conditioner will consume about 10% to 20% of the cruising range. In winter, using air conditioners for heating and heating consumes more electricity than summer.

Since the air-conditioning system of new energy electric vehicles consumes so much electricity for heating in winter, how can new energy electric vehicles be heated in winter to save electricity? Nanfeng PTC liquid pure electric heaters are more energy-efficient than pure electric vehicle air-conditioning systems.

PTC liquid pure electric heater

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Nanfeng pure electric liquid heater consists of a PTC heater and a controller, which is suitable for liquid heating of new energy electric vehicles and pure electric buses. The PTC liquid pure electric heater heats the cockpit by heating the liquid for heat exchange, and can also transfer the heat to the electric vehicle battery pack to heat the new energy pure electric vehicle battery pack, so that the battery pack is at the normal working temperature to solve the problem. Energy electric vehicles have reduced endurance in low-temperature environments in winter to avoid damage to battery packs caused by low-temperature charging.

The PTC water heater is an electric heater that uses electricity as an energy source to heat the antifreeze and provide a heat source for the passenger car.

The heating device uses PTC semiconductor (positive temperature coefficient thermistor), and the shell uses aluminum alloy precision casting, which has excellent anti-dry burning, anti-interference, anti-collision, explosion-proof performance, safe and reliable, and trustworthy.