Eight Characteristics Of Vehicle Electric Inverter Air Conditioner

- Dec 07, 2020-

Eight characteristics of vehicle electric inverter air conditioner

Dual-core frequency conversion 24V refrigeration technology

The original double DC inverter compressor for overall refrigeration (patent protection), equipped with double high-efficiency evaporators, is more efficient than ordinary single compressors, saves energy, consumes less current, and can automatically adjust the compressor speed to achieve constant temperature air conditioning.

Up to 10 hours parking cooling guarantee

The advanced 24V DC frequency conversion technology uses the car battery power supply and adjusts the compressor motor speed to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. It brings an energy efficiency ratio of up to 3.5 and is more energy-efficient. It solves the condition that the vehicle does not need to start the engine or consume a drop of oil when parking. Air-conditioning is used under the system, and the unique dual-core cooling technology can achieve ultra-low power consumption, which can ensure that the car’s battery is parked for up to 10 hours without power loss.

Integrated structure fuselage

Compared with the current truck air conditioners assembled with spare parts on the market, Nanfeng Company has revolutionized the design concept of the whole machine. The integrated structure of the fuselage integrates the functions and the interior, which improves the overall quality of the product. Comes with superb experience, and the modified ABS body shell with excellent performance is not only resistant to high temperature and aging, but also makes the weight of the product lighter and safer.

Sports aesthetics design

The stylish and streamlined exterior design is very sporty and beautiful. It is integrated with the cab. It can decorate the exterior of the car body and reduce the drag coefficient of the vehicle. The intimate design of the interior gusset can be adapted to any vehicle type. , Make the interface of the air conditioner in the car more beautiful and more quality.

Activated carbon sterilization device

The air conditioner is equipped with multiple activated carbon filters. After the air conditioner is started, the indoor air is continuously filtered to suppress bacteria in the air, purify the air in the cab, and create a fresh and comfortable driving space.

Design of shock absorption and leakage prevention machine

In view of road conditions and vehicle operating environment, Nanfeng has a very scientific and precise design of the internal structure and layout of the air conditioner body to ensure that the components can run smoothly for a long time under the harsh shock environment, reduce noise to a greater extent, and increase high-performance Damping and sealing installation materials to prevent the possibility of roof leakage.

More human care function packages

Optional fast cooling and power saving modes and a small remote control bring more comfortable air conditioning enjoyment for parking. Of course, there is an essential USB interface that can provide long-term charging for mobile phones and electronic devices.

Remove the car sunroof first

Lay shock-absorbing and waterproof materials along the sky window to flatten the air conditioner bodySet the air conditioner power button on the sunroof. After debugging, you can install the air conditioner air outlet decorative panel immediately. Fix the air outlet position to connect the air conditioner power cord and the car battery pack.

1 hour easy installation

It is easy and convenient to install by using the skylight in the cab, and the whole machine is easy and convenient. It only takes 1 hour and 6 steps to complete the installation.