Does The Diesel Car Heater Work Slowly?

- Nov 02, 2020-

Does the diesel car heater work slowly?

Many customers feel that diesel car heaters operate slowly, but do not know how to improve efficiency. Let me share with you specific methods to improve the efficiency of car heaters.

1. Increase the heat transfer area of the convection section. Increasing the heat transfer area can improve the thermal efficiency of the car heater. The method of increasing the heat transfer area of the FGS in the convection section is usually used to achieve the purpose of improving the thermal efficiency of the diesel vehicle heater.

2. Set up the air preheater. One of the more effective measures to improve the thermal efficiency of diesel heaters is to use air preheaters for heat recovery. In order to control this kind of corrosion to a certain extent, a low limit should be set for the metal temperature in the low temperature zone according to the amount of sulfur in the fuel.

3. Use waste heat boiler for heat recovery. The use of a waste heat boiler is to use the heat in the waste heat of the flue gas discharged from the diesel heater to heat water or generate steam. The installation of such a waste heat boiler will not change the fuel consumption of the thermal oil furnace itself. The hot water or steam generated by the waste heat boiler can be used for production and heating, thereby indirectly saving fuel.

4. Reduce the excess air rate: In the design of the heat conduction oil furnace, the heat efficiency of the heater can be improved by reducing the excess air rate. In order to reduce the excess air rate, an air inlet baffle is usually set to adjust the combustion air. Type of hot oil furnace can use low excess air type burner.

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