face recognition thermometer terminal

- Jul 01, 2020-

Face Recognition Thermometer-COVID-19 Problem ? No Problem!! 


Keeping in mind the current situation of pandemic prevailing globally and ensuring everyone’s health safety measures, we have introduced our Face recognition Temperature measuring device. Our device is a high quality forehead scanner thermometer that takes digital temperature scanning to the next level. Be it temperature detection, face recognition, mask recognition, identity verification, on-site face collection or active object detection, our temperature scanner is quite qualified for everything.

Based on applications, our face detection thermal scanner, proves its maximum capabilities in subways, schools, hospitals, hotel checkins, restaurants, supermarkets, offices, gymnasiums, dormitories and all other entry points for common public places. 

With its delicate appearance, durability and top notch accuracy, your health will never be at stake ensuring uninterrupted workflow and hence care free environment just like before.

Give it a shot, and let it be an ultimate savior for your personal and work life. Give us an honor and ask any further details from us for your peace of mind.



For more details and sales inquiry, please feel free to contact us and let us explain it for you in a more comprehensive way. FRTS1