In Summer, The Correct Way To Turn On The Car Air Conditioner

- Aug 12, 2020-

1. Comprehensive inspection of the external system of the air conditioner

Before using the air conditioner for the first time, check the refrigerant and air conditioner filter element and filter screen through the liquid tank to see if it is dirty, and if there is any foreign matter on the radiator.

2. Clean the air conditioner

First, the air conditioner filter needs to be replaced regularly. The dust and catkins in the spring in the north will stick to the filter, causing the air conditioner to produce a musty smell; while the rainy weather in the south is more likely to make the filter moldy. Therefore, it is best to replace the filter once a year after spring.

In addition, regularly turning on the air conditioner with high air volume can also effectively clean the air-conditioning channel.

3. After parking, do not turn off the air conditioner

In the hot summer, the huge temperature difference inside and outside the car can cause mold to grow inside the air conditioning system. Therefore, before arriving at the destination, turn off the air conditioner in advance and turn on the natural wind, so that the temperature in the air-conditioning duct will rise, eliminate the temperature difference with the outside, so as to keep the air-conditioning system dry and prevent mold growth.


4. Refrigerant

The most common failures of air conditioning systems are refrigerant leakage and poor cooling. Refrigerant leakage is usually caused by aging of the sealing ring in the pipeline and damage to the system components. Therefore, the quality of refrigerant and refrigeration oil must be guaranteed during the maintenance process. If inferior refrigerant is used, it will cause abnormal compressor, poor refrigeration, pipeline corrosion and explosion, and damage to important parts. In case of poor refrigeration, you need to enter the service station for professional inspection and maintenance.

5. Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately after starting the vehicle

When the vehicle is turned on, it is best to open all the windows, start the outer circulation, and exhaust the hot air, and then turn on the air conditioner after the temperature in the vehicle drops. After the air-conditioning comes out, close the window and open the inner circulation, and adjust the air outlet to blow upward, so that the operation can make the temperature in the car drop faster.

6. When parking, do not stop the air conditioner to circulate inside

When the vehicle is running, the air passes through the air conditioning equipment to generate convection, so the concentration of carbon monoxide in the vehicle is very low. However, when the car is parked, the air in the car cannot be convective, and the carbon monoxide discharged from the engine will enter the car and gradually accumulate, prone to poisoning. Therefore, when you turn on the air conditioner when parking, you must remember not to stop in the inner circulation mode, but switch to the outer circulation mode to keep the air in the cabin fresh.