Choose Your Anti-cold Artifact

- Oct 14, 2020-

Choose your anti-cold artifact

In the cold winter, people need to keep warm and RVs need to be protected. Now only the higher-ranking national RV owners have begun to maintain their RVs, hoping to experience a more stylish RV life in winter, and this is inseparable from a weapon-the heater. At present, our company has launched a warm air and hot water integrated heater similar to Truma to meet your needs!

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4kw diesel air and water parking heater.png

4kw integrated heater

Whether it is a self-propelled RV or a trailer-mounted RV, a heating system is required. Some RVs have built-in fuel heaters, and some RVs use gas heaters. For trailers, unlike self-propelled RVs, they do not have a fuel tank. The best way is to use gas heating to heat and provide hot water. The Combi heater/hot water integrated machine produced by our company is a very comfortable and convenient heating equipment. It can discharge hot air and supply hot water with one device, so for those who are still looking for cold protection equipment What are you waiting for? Contact us as soon as possible and purchase your good helper for cold protection!