Check Out A Few Wrong Usages Of Car Air Conditioners, If You Don’t Know, Come In And See

- Aug 10, 2020-

1. Turn on the air conditioner immediately after the car is launched

Many car owners and friends like to turn on the air conditioner immediately after getting in the car. In fact, this is harmful to the engine, because when the vehicle is just started, the engine has not reached its best condition, so turn it on at this time. Air conditioning will add to its burden. The correct approach is to open all windows or doors before getting in the car, and turn on the air conditioner after five minutes of ventilation.

2. Turn on the air conditioner immediately after long-term exposure to the car

This kind of footwork is a very wrong approach, because it will not only increase the burden of the engine, but also after the vehicle is exposed to the sun, part of the car’s harmful substances will also fill the interior space of the car. Just turn on the internal circulation of the air conditioner and wait. Therefore, when passengers and harmful substances are put into a sealed space at the same time, long-term inhalation will damage our personal safety. The correct way is to open the window for ventilation, and then turn over the outer loop on the drive first, and then close it after a while Doors and windows, turn on the air conditioner and switch to internal circulation.

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3. Always adjust the air conditioner temperature to the lowest

Staying in a sealed car interior space for a long time with too low temperature may cause endocrine disorders due to the large temperature difference, and you may simply get sick. There is also the long-term low temperature mode will increase the car's fuel consumption. Under normal circumstances, as long as the temperature in the car is three or four degrees lower than the outdoor temperature, it will actually feel very cool, so there is no need to drive the temperature too low.

4. Do not turn off the air conditioner before parking

This is actually a shortcoming that many drivers will commit. If the air conditioner is turned off every time after the engine is turned off, the next time the car is started, it will be burned with the air conditioner starting pressure, which will also increase the load on the engine. If the air conditioner is not turned off in advance, the air outlet will simply accumulate the condensate of the air conditioner, which will breed bacteria over time. It is recommended that drivers turn off the air conditioner 3 to 5 minutes before turning off the engine, and then turn off the engine after arriving at the destination.