Car Heater Works

- Feb 18, 2017-

Heater motor driven piston pumps and combustion-supporting fan and nebulizer turns. Pump suction fuel via pipelines feeding into the atomizer, atomized by centrifugal force of fuel atomization and combustion-supporting fan to the air mixture in the combustion chamber, a red-hot glow plug ignites, after combustion in the combustion chamber after the full back, inner wall of water and the heat sinks, heat transfer in liquid-cooling water jacket medium. Heating medium circulation pump (or thermal) circulating throughout the pipeline system under the action of, for heating purposes. Heater burning waste gas discharged from the exhaust pipe.

Its principle of operation is the use of the car's battery and instantaneous power and a small amount of oil in the tank, and through the heat produced by burning gasoline to heat circulating water of the engine and the engine starts, while heating the cab.