Car Heater Function And Experience

- Nov 11, 2020-

Car heater function and experience

The car heater is an on-board heating device independent of the car engine, with its own fuel pipeline, circuit, combustion heating device, and control device. Without starting the engine, the car engine and the cab parked in the low temperature and cold environment in winter can be warmed up. Completely eliminate the cold start wear of the car. Its working principle is to use the battery and fuel tank of the car to provide instant power supply and a small amount of fuel, and to heat the circulating water of the engine by burning the heat generated by gasoline to make the engine hot start, and at the same time heat up the cab.

The car heater preheats the vehicle, which can solve the various hazards caused by the cold car start in winter to the engine to the greatest extent, and can make the car have a suitable temperature to protect the health of the family. Nowadays, there are many such products, but the working principles are different, and the quality is very different. Many mid-to-high-end brand cars are now equipped with parking heaters. Its working principle is that the coolant of the car is introduced into the heater and heated by the flame without starting the engine. The heated coolant then flows into the heat exchanger of the car heater. There, the heat is directed into the passenger compartment via a fan. In this way, snow, frost and ice are melted, deicing the windshield. Hot water continues to flow into the engine. The engine is also heated. After the cooling water returns to the heater, the cycle starts again. and. It has the characteristics of remote quick start (mobile phone remote control or remote control), freely adjustable heating time, oil shortage, power shortage protection, safety and reliability.