Answers To Questions About Parking Air Conditioners

- Aug 14, 2020-

After installing the parking air conditioner, the air conditioner only used 4 hours for the first time the air conditioner was used for low voltage protection. Why did the air conditioner take only 2 hours for the second time to protect the low voltage?

The above-mentioned problem is mainly caused by the second battery not being fully charged. Before the parking air conditioner is installed in the vehicle, because the load of the on-board electrical appliances using the battery is not large, the battery can be fully charged in 1 hour after the engine is started; after the parking air conditioner is installed, the air-conditioning load is much greater than other vehicle on-board electrical appliances. At this time, the battery The power consumption is large. The battery of the air conditioner is fully charged for the first time and can be used for 4 hours. After that, it may take 4 to 5 hours to fully charge the battery. why? A rough calculation based on the original vehicle configuration 65A generator and 180AH battery:

parking air conditioner F560

1. Generator's power generation: 65A generator means that 65A is generated at the highest engine speed (also the highest generator speed), and the engine generally runs at idle or medium speed, that is to say, the generator's power generation is about 30A Or less, the approximate time to fill the 180AH battery at this time is: 180*0.75/30=4.5≈5 hours

2. Before installing the air conditioner, the biggest power consumption in the vehicle is the starter motor and the vehicle headlight! Generally, electricity consumption does not exceed 10%: so the battery can be fully charged in a short time.

3. Some users also use the parking air conditioner when the vehicle is driving, so that the use time of the parking air conditioner is shorter after the engine is stopped, because the electricity generated by the generator is just enough for the air conditioner, and the battery cannot be generated by the generator at all Call to add.