Air Heater With Defroster To Give You A More Comfortable And Safe Driving Experience.

- Jan 18, 2018-

    Due to the impact of the weather in cold areas, air-conditioners are installed on passenger cars, passenger cars, vans, RVs, construction vehicles, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, ships, new energy vehicles, buses, Heating for heating has become a common phenomenon. Air heater low fuel consumption, heating speed, widely used in trucks, construction vehicles, vans, vans, small and medium vehicles, outdoor tents and other space independent heating, so ride feel more comfortable.

    Frost in the cold winter body will certainly make you a headache, every day stand in the cold outside the scratch cream, time-consuming and laborious, if the installation of the defroster you can quickly remove the car frost, do not have to scratch the frost, you can get on the train left. Yu-Sheng defroster have cold and warm defroster, fresh air defroster, ordinary defroster three, there are subtle differences in function, but with the air heater, liquid heater or engine cooling system connected to the loop from System of high-temperature coolant through the heat exchanger into hot air, through the defroster pipe evenly blown inside the windshield for panoramic defrosting or demisting.