Advantages Of Nanfeng Air Heater

- Nov 10, 2020-

 Advantages of Nanfeng air heater

I believe that many car fans who install car heaters are most concerned about the safety of air heating. The car heater generates a lot of high temperature heat during operation, will it cause the air heater to deform, melt, burn, release toxic gases, etc. Waiting for safety hazards?

Four advantages of Nanfeng air heater


1. Material safety. The whole machine adopts flame-retardant materials to ensure the safety of driving and riding in unexpected situations.

2. The control system adopts safety protection measures, high temperature alarm and shutdown to ensure the safety of the use process

Environmental protection

1. Odorless, non-metallic materials use environmentally friendly materials to ensure no odor at high temperatures.

2. Non-toxic, the non-metallic materials used do not contain substances harmful to the human body.


1. Intelligent temperature control system, more precise temperature control system, to avoid cold wind from similar German products.

3. Intelligently recognize altitude and adjust power adaptively to adapt to different regions.


1. New combustion structure, and no carbon deposit treatment on the combustion chamber.

2. The motor has a long service life and higher efficiency.

The car parking heater is generally used in a relatively confined space, and the heating equipment generates a lot of heat during use. If unqualified or polluting materials are used, the peculiar smell and toxic will be generated in this relatively confined environment with a lot of heat. Gas is bound to affect the physical safety of riders. The non-metallic materials of Nanfeng Motor's parking air heater are all environmentally friendly materials to ensure that there is no peculiar smell at high temperatures and no toxic substances harmful to the human body will be released.

Whether it is car parking heater manufacturers or other product manufacturers, safety should be the first priority and provide users with more cost-effective products on this basis.