Parking Heater Function

- Jun 09, 2017-

    Car intelligent heater phone remote control, easy to operate, heating system, no need to start the engine, safe and reliable, efficient fuel. The main advantages: * parking rest, turn off the car engine, impact current and long life, to meet the requirements of automotive air conditioning heater. Mobile steward car preheating system, compact structure, easy disassembly, easy maintenance.

    The parking heating system is an independent auxiliary heating system on the vehicle, which is not directly connected to the engine, can be used after the engine is turned off, or it can also provide auxiliary heating function during driving. The parking heating system overcomes the limitations of the conventional vehicle heating system depending on the engine and can increase the speed of vehicle heating. Some types of parking heating systems also provide engine warm up function, greatly improving the engine's cold start performance, reducing the cold start when the engine wear, but also improve the fuel economy of the car.Parking Heater

    The parking heating system is composed of a display device, a control device, a combustion chamber, an electric heater, a heat exchanger, a remote control device and the like.Parking Heater

    Parking heating system is a non-dependent engine-assisted heating system, its unique working principle determines its function is different from the ordinary car heating system. First, the parking heating system can be in the vehicle still, the engine parking conditions to provide heating function, quickly improve the car temperature, remove the windows and mirrors on the fog and frost, improve ride comfort and safety. Second, the owner can control the parking heating system through the driving information system FIS. The owner can set the setup time for the heating system and the on-time, and the system provides up to 39 days of preset time. Third, the parking heating system provides a remote control mode, the owner can start the parking heating system through the remote control device. Fourth, the parking heating system with the general heating system and air conditioning system work together to improve vehicle ride comfort and economy. The early parking heating system can use the air conditioning system ventilation ducts evenly to the various locations within the car conveying heating. With the development of automotive electronic control technology, automatic air conditioning in the vehicle to obtain more and more applications, parking heating system with the general heating system, refrigeration systems, ventilation system organically integrated into the car to provide comfortable, Temperature, wind speed, wind direction automatically adjust the air flow, greatly improving the ride comfort of the vehicle.Parking Heater