Bus Heater Use Precautions

- Jun 09, 2017-

   In the choice of the use of heaters due to different working conditions, different power settings, different heating media, the size of the electric heater components and other factors, making the use of different methods, select the appropriate electric heater is the need to pay attention Some practical problems.Bus Heater

1, first of all to fully understand the use of electric heater temperature requirements, select the appropriate electric heater equipment. In general, the greater the power, the faster the heating, the shorter the temperature rise, and vice versa.Bus Heater

2, electric heater equipment is strictly prohibited dry, especially invasive electric heating components, and these types of electric heating elements are made of stainless steel 304 as the material.

3, select the appropriate power of the electric heating pipe, to ensure the effective use of temperature under the premise of attention to the power load problem.Bus Heater

4, fully understand the use of electric heating tube environment, type of medium conduction or infrared radiation.

5, fully understand the electric heater wiring, usually star connection and three-star connection, a single electric heating tube can be connected 220v or 380v, a number of electric heating tube can be directly connected 380v.

6, dry stainless steel heating tube to pay special attention to the use of environmental cooling effect, divided into static air and mobile air problems.Bus Heater

    Filter heating by heating the way, can be condensed in the oil and water separator in the diesel oil and oil and water separator through the heating of diesel, especially for cold areas of diesel vehicles.Bus Heater

    In China, due to the large content of paraffin in diesel oil, it is easy to precipitate under low temperature conditions and attached to the filter medium, which affects the low temperature diesel flow characteristics. The heating system consists of a heater and a temperature sensor, which determines whether the oil temperature is below a certain critical point by means of a temperature sensor and triggers the filter heater to start working, heating the low temperature diesel from the tank, and improving the viscosity and fluidity of the diesel The