Working Principle Of Truck Diesel Heating

- Oct 22, 2020-

  Although the diesel parking heater is good, you must pay attention to ventilation during use. The basic principle of diesel heating is a small internal combustion engine that directly burns diesel to obtain heat, and then uses machine heat to heat the cab. Heating the cabin air is also called air heating.

  Working principle: The diesel pump pumps the diesel out of the fuel tank and sends it to the combustion chamber. The mixture is ignited by the ignition plug and burned in the combustion chamber. The exhaust gas produced by burning the diesel is discharged from the exhaust port (to the outside of the car). The outer wall is made of aluminum alloy with heat dissipation fins, which conducts heat quickly. The fan can blow the hot air directly to the combustion chamber!

working principle - 副本


  As shown. The part with fins is the combustion chamber. The fan is on the left. After the fan works, the heat generated in the combustion chamber is sent to the air outlet. The diesel has a high calorific value. After continuous combustion, the heat is continuously produced!