Working principle of air-heated parking heater

- Nov 24, 2020-

Working principle of air-heated parking heater

Parking heating system

The main engine of the air-heated parking heater is a small oil-fired furnace controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, and the furnace body is located in a cover-shaped shell that forms an independent air channel. The heating fan sucks the cold air into the channel and blows it out after heating, thus forming a heating system independent of the original heating facilities of the vehicle. In this way, no matter whether the engine of the vehicle is working or not, the heater can provide heat for the driver's cab, passenger compartment, etc.

The heater adopts a fully automatic control method, which has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation, energy saving, silent, environmental protection, safety and reliability, and simple maintenance.

Heater structure

The furnace body of the combustion furnace is made of die-cast aluminum, and its surrounding and rear ends are radiating fins. The cavity is equipped with a combustion tube. The front end of the combustion tube is fixed with a burner core with a shield. The fuel is fed into the burner core from the fuel inlet tube. After atomization, it is ignited by a glow plug. The flame passes through the back end of the combustion tube and returns. Into the gap between the inner wall of the furnace, the exhaust gas after combustion is discharged through the exhaust pipe.

Working principle of parking heater

The working principle of the heater

The heating system uses light diesel or gasoline as fuel. After adding a heat exchanger, the hot air is sent to the carriages, storage equipment, etc. through a fan to achieve the purpose of heating and defrosting.

Intake air supply system

The intake air supply system includes: intake hose, fan, exhaust bellows and exhaust muffler. The fan sends the air from the intake pipe into the burner assembly in a fixed and quantitative manner, mixes it with the fuel pumped in by the oil pump, and then is ignited by the glow plug and burns in the heater furnace. The generated exhaust gas passes through the corrugated tube and the muffler. discharge.

Fuel supply system

Fuel supply system includes: fuel pump, fuel pipe, fuel filter. The fuel pump draws the fuel from the vehicle fuel tank or the external fuel tank, and then sends it to the burner assembly.