Why does the air-heated parking heater produce a burning smell when it is running?

- Oct 10, 2020-

Why does the air-heated parking heater produce a burning smell when it is running?

Most of the air-heated parking heaters are used to heat the truck cabs. In winter nights, truck drivers must turn on the air-heated parking heaters if they need to rest in the cab. At this time, the warm air output by the air heater contains the smell of combustion, which not only reduces the riding comfort, but may also cause certain damage to the passenger's body. , Today we will talk about what causes the air-heated parking heater to produce burning oily smoke.

(1) The welding quality of the air-heated parking heater itself leads to the smell of oily smoke: Considering the problem of rust prevention, most of the barrels of the air-heating heater are made of stainless steel, which determines that it can only be used for argon arc welding. The disadvantage of this welding method is that the thickness, width and depth of the welding are not enough, and the strength is also weak, so the air tightness of the product cannot be guaranteed, which causes the smell of oily smoke to enter the warm air duct. After the heater has been working for a period of time, due to thermal expansion, contraction and vibration, cracks in the weld will occur, which will cause leakage and produce oily smoke in the cabin.

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(2) Assembling gaps cause oily smoke smell: in the assembly process, considering the ease of installation, the hole diameters of the exhaust vents, air intakes and drip pipes on the bottom of the square box are often larger than the exhaust vents on the heater , The outer diameter of the air inlet and the oil drop tube is 1~2mm larger. If the gap of 1~2mm is not tightly sealed, it will also cause oily smoke to leak into the compartment.

(3) Design defects lead to oily smoke smell: At present, most of the installation design of the oil pump of the air-heated parking heater is that the oil pump is installed on the motor plate and the fan is installed in front of the oil pump. The disadvantage of this design is that it cannot guarantee the complete seal of the oil pump. Once the diesel leaks slightly, the oily smoke will be directly blown into the warm air duct by the fan.

The above reasons are the main reasons that cause the air-heated parking heater to produce oily fume. I hope everyone will pay attention when choosing, and try to avoid choosing unqualified air-heating heaters.

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