Why clean the parking heater?

- Feb 08, 2018-


   Mainly in the parking heater is heat exchange, so the parking heater also needs to be cleaned during use, then why should it be cleaned?

  The core problem of parking heater is the efficiency and service life of the heat exchange. If the temperature of the parking heater exceeds 80 degrees, the electric auxiliary heating device will scale and affect the efficiency and life span of the heat exchange of the electric auxiliary heating device Is the scale problem, especially when using domestic hot water, due to the need to constantly fill with fresh water, and most parts of the water quality is hard, so that the heat exchanger fouling rate greatly increased.

   As the scale attached to the inner wall of the heat exchanger continues to be thickened, the diameter of the heat exchanger will become smaller and finer, resulting in poor water flow, which not only increases the load on the pump and the heat exchanger, but also greatly reduces the thermal efficiency , Mainly manifested in the parking heater power consumption increases, lack of heating, hot and cold hot water, hot water and other symptoms, so timely cleaning.