Why Are Some Heaters So Cheap?

- Oct 26, 2020-

  The weight and thickness of the aluminum parts affect the safety of the heater and the heat of the wind. The flame temperature of the parking air heater is 1500 degrees. Although the heating temperature of aluminum is only 600 degrees, as long as the air volume is large enough and the thickness of the aluminum body is large enough, the high-speed fan speed can take away the heat without any problem. However, once the weight is reduced, the heat cannot be collected, and the weakest part of the sensor is easy to burn and leak and cause danger. And because the aluminum parts store less heat, the temperature of the heater's air will drop by at least 10 degrees, and the temperature of the exhaust port will increase by at least 200 degrees. And more importantly, the density of aluminum will not be very large. In winter, thermal expansion and contraction and easy cracking, indirectly increase the risk.

  The ignition plug of the parking heater is silicon nitride, which requires a very complicated process, Japan’s Kyocera has developed and produced it for decades, while the domestic ignition plug only started in the past two years. When the level of craftsmanship is not reached, the solid ones will burst, and there will be hollow "igniter plugs" with special mixed materials and coatings, "the tyrant" ignition plugs, and imitation versions. Kyocera Japan uses 4 resistance wires, the temperature can reach 1500 degrees, so the ignition rate is high, the failure is less, and the service life is long. The metal silver welding ensures the conductivity, which saves the power of the vehicle battery. The domestic ignition plug has removed almost all the core technology, and it is in its own way. The temperature can only reach 900 degrees. Even the imitation product uses two resistance wires. The cost of metal copper welding is reduced but the resistance is increased, which increases the difficulty and failure rate of ignition. , And the service life is greatly reduced.

  The combustion chamber of the parking heater is usually of steel structure, and some manufacturers use secondary welding and scrap welding. It's actually easy to distinguish. Because steel has high temperature resistance and high cost, the main part of the heater must be made of steel, and the end atomization part will not have too high temperature. Therefore, in order to save costs, many manufacturers use secondary welding, the steel structure of the combustion chamber, and the atomized part of the aluminum alloy structure. However, if the temperature of the tail is too high, it is dangerous and the service life will be reduced. And if the all-steel structure can only be welded once, as for the leftover welding, it is very easy to distinguish, and the welded joints are clear at a glance. Of course, the cost will be very low, which is the price of scrap.

  Many of my friends have used computers. Although laptops are small and sophisticated, they are not as fast as CP desktop computers. The size of the computer motherboard of the parking air heater is also based on this principle, just like the brain, and the small computer version is like a dinosaur. The brain is a walnut guaranteeing basic functions. The large computer version is like a human computer with complex structure but strong computing power. Some parking air heaters use a small computer version in order to save costs:

1. A small computer will affect the running speed,

2. The more original motherboards, the more stable, the larger the computer version, the more stable

3. There is electromagnetic interference between electronic components, and the layout of the large computer version is more reasonable.

  The motor of the parking air heater should be brushless, copper wire, non-magnetic, because the brushless wear is low and the noise is low, the copper wire rotates fast, and the non-magnetic interference on the electronic components is small.

 The cheaper ones are brushes, aluminum wires, and magnetic motors, which have high wear and short service life, and the speed will become slower and slower due to wear, which will eventually cause the heater to fail to dissipate and cause malfunctions and dangers. Needless to say , Rest and sleep at night is a problem. Electromagnetic interference can also cause problems with electronic components and programs.

 I hope everyone can keep their eyes open and buy real and good products at a fair price!