When using parking heaters in the winter what should be paid attention

- Feb 18, 2017-

As we all know, parking heaters is during the colder winter months, heating itself using the car power supply, so as to reduce the use of marking of diesel oil case, normal work, and get the people's favorite, so parking heaters in use what to be aware of?

1, winter parking heaters must pay attention to selection of oils, to select the appropriate viscosity grade. 15W-40-9.5 degrees to 50 degrees can be applied;

2, in winter parking heater also has requirements for selection of diesel, to choose the appropriate label (freezing point). 5# diesel suitable for use at temperatures above 8 c; 0# diesel for use at temperatures 8 ° c to 4 c; -10# diesel for use at temperature at 4 ° c to-5 c; -20# diesel suitable for temperatures from-5 ° c to-14 c;

Retrofitting parking heaters note 3, winter jacket water heater, engine cold-start performance can be improved and fast-loading capacity, also to improve the emissions when cold;

4, selection of cooling fluid. If it is not equipped with a water jacket water heater, if the ambient temperature may be lower than 0 degrees, in case the coolant freezes damage the engine and radiator, used antifreeze.