What should be paid attention to when the refrigerated truck refrigerated freezing unit transports meat food?

- Aug 21, 2020-

Refrigerator truck refrigerating and freezing units have higher requirements for transporting meat food, because, like frozen food, during transportation, many countries have express regulations that the transportation temperature must be -18° or lower.

If the temperature of frozen meat and seafood is unstable or too high during transportation, it can directly lead to the reproduction of enzymes and microorganisms and make the transported goods lose value due to the existence of unsafe ingredients. At this time, the temperature of the refrigerating and freezing unit of the refrigerated truck directly affects the quality of the transported products.


Frozen meat transportation requires the lower the temperature, the fresher the meat is. The transportation requirements should generally be controlled at about -18°. When transporting the refrigerator-freezer unit of the refrigerated car, it depends on whether the frozen meat is firm, the muscles are shiny, and the red is even. , Fat is white or light yellow. If the received goods are found to be dim and soft, transportation is prohibited.

In addition, during refrigerated truck transportation, salt can be added to the ice to reduce the temperature, which needs to be added appropriately according to the season.