what's the problem with the heater in white smoke?

- Dec 25, 2017-

Parking heater, commonly known as vehicle fuel and diesel engine, is suitable for diesel engine preheating in cold area, which effectively solves the problem of engine failure due to cold weather, and protects engine. It can also be used for warm winter traffic jam or parking, without the car, only the heater can be opened, reducing the cost of fuel.

Working principle:

The main motor of the heater drives the plunger oil pump, the combustion fan and the atomizer. Oil pump suction pipeline to the fuel atomizer atomizer effect by centrifugal force will fuel atomization and combustion air fan in the main combustion chamber mixed, ignited the hot glow plug, indoor full combustion after combustion in the reentry, the heat sink and the inner wall of the water jacket of the above, the heat is transferred to the media: the cooling liquid in the interlayer water jacket. After heating, the medium is circulate in the whole pipeline system under the action of circulating water pump (or heat convection), so as to achieve the purpose of heating. The exhaust gas from the heater is discharged from the exhaust pipe.