What Is Car PTC?

- Oct 20, 2020-

  Automobile ptc is the meaning of automobile heater. The temperature PTC can be used for a ceramic heater element that the automobile starts at low temperature. It is mainly used for preheating the engine in winter and heating the driver's cabin or the passenger car cabin.

  For automobile heaters, the heated medium circulates in the entire pipeline system under the action of a circulating water pump (or thermal convection) to achieve the purpose of heating. The exhaust gas burned by the heater is discharged from the exhaust pipe. Car heaters are divided into liquid heaters and air heaters.

Use of liquid heater:

1. Low temperature start for various vehicle engines.

2. Provide heat source for windshield defrosting and car interior heating.

Its function: heats the antifreeze, which is the circulating medium of the automobile engine, and transfers the heat directly to the radiator and defroster in the car to provide a heat source for low-temperature engine start and car interior heating.

Air heater use:

1. Heating the cab of construction vehicles and heavy trucks.

2. Defrost the windshield.

Its function: heating the air circulating medium, transferring the heat directly to the car interior, and providing a heat source for windshield glass defrosting and car interior heating.